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The Porn Agency - Stay the fuck away from this guy


Yo fuck Pete from
He does not remember your dos and donts and attempted to book me with a company that I mentioned 3 times was on my no list.
His tactics are unprofessional and sketchy.
Booked me with two cross over male performers (didn’t tell me until I had to look them up and see so I asked “hey are the cross over performers?)
This can be sketchy as fuck.
He makes it seem like he’ll make you a website but it’s just a bigger account on fancentro not YOUR website.

You will get booked with some companies like teamskeet,porn topic bang bros

He doesn’t keep down a file of your dos and donts.
Tell him a company is on your no list. Two days later “hey so will you work with this company?”
He makes the company you shoot for pay him 100% of your earnings where he takes 30% then pays you through PayPal! Yes PayPal! The company that will shut you down if you’re in porn
None of the people on thepornagency are porn STARS so that’s a red flag right there.

Dessert Gay does NOT recommend The Porn Agency to friends/family

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Date: 7 juni 2019

By: Anon

Comment on: Stay the fuck away from this guy

He makes you come to Sam Diego have sex with him for an “audition” and won’t pay you but no one wants to work with him so you won’t be booked with anyone. That’s basically rape and Sex trafficking. He takes 30% of what you make.