Never Worked for a Better Company, Adult or Otherwise

Never Worked for a Better Company, Adult or Otherwise

My decision to sign on as a model with XXX Mgmt Team was the best employment/career choice I've made in my life.

XXX Mgmt Team provides numerous money-earning options for new applicants. I signed up to become a pornstar, but due to the global crisis going on at the moment, they trained me as a professional work-from-home internet model for the time being.

I'm 18 years old, on probation, averaging $73 / hour take-home pay (they pay weekly), working from home! Not that I should, but I even get to smoke WHILE I'm working FFS! XXX Mgmt Team even has porn production companies flying me out to do high-paying professional porn movies. I'm so excited!

It's a great experience. My rep is Pete. He's advanced me money, multiple times, when I had extra bills to pay or needed something at the house before payday. Very understanding, loving, and compassionate people.

I LOVE XXX Mgmt Team!!

Simply the BEST talent management Company for aspiring pornstars & webcam models. No question about it.

Not a Company for those that are NOT serious about getting serious money... they're pretty strict, and they don't mess around when it comes to getting money for the squad... and that includes their models!

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