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    Scam Site Run by the Industry's Biggest Scammer

    Review about

    BeAPornStar.Info is run by "Kelli Roberts" (not a real person), an imaginary persona created by porn PERFORMER (not porn "star", by any means, as she self-proclaims) Alana Evans (legal name Dawn Dangaard) date of birth 07/06/1976.

    We would call Dawn a "has been", but that would be giving her too much credit. She really was never a big porn "star" as she claims. She did some movies during the golden age of porn, decades ago, during the DVD era. Nowadays, she's a washed up 50-year-old skank whore that has somehow managed to con the establishment of the porn industry into making her some sort of "authority" for the industry. In reality, she has no "authority" or "power" besides defaming people and runing her botox-injected pie whole. Dawn/Alana makes her living by scamming unsuspecting APAG "union members" for dues, and by actively assisting with the "Luxury Companion" sex trafficking ring*.

    and also is Alana's way of generating traffic for her various scams. Avoid it, and her, at all cost. She is no genuine authority in the porn industry. She is nothing more than an old, washed-up, stanky-pussy (from what I hear) porn whore.


    Review about Porn Application

    It was Great!

    Profesional and courteous.

    Review about Exposed Models LA

    I just started working with them this month, I'm on my 5th shoot already. Everything is going fine so far and the studios they have booked me with have also been very professional. They are respectful, fun and easy to work with.

    I like the fact that they are professional and respectful. They are not pushy. I only accept scenes that I'm comfortable with.

    So far I have not had any difficulties with them.

    Attentive and respectful management.

    Review about Management Team

    My experience with management team is been very rewarding in many ways; the staff I've worked with has been very caring, considerate, clear-cut in their teachings, available at all times, and very understanding. I couldn't ask for a better leader ship in this work environment. I've been very pleased and very proud to work with people such as this. Thanks for being amazing!

    The structure of management, as well, as their ability to show compassion.

    Good agency got me a webcaming contract

    Review about Ideal Image Models

    My name is Kara Stone I have been a dancer for 4 years and then covid hit and I was considering doing videos to make more money. My friend told me about Tee Real's agency Ideal Image Models. He told me he had been a performer and could get me work. He was able to get me some shoots and after a few I decided that performing wasnt for me and instead of just droping me from the agency he helped me get signed to a webcaming company that actally paid me. I made about 6 thousand last month to just work for them. He and Jonathan helped save me when covid hit and I appreact that. He and the other agents have been honest and helped when I needed it. Im not going to do this much longer but I did a lot of research and Ideal really helped me alot. I recomend them because they were honest didn't give up on me and had other jobs beside porn to offer which was cool.

    Open honest I made good money. Wasn't Creepy

    Sometimes hard to reach Tee but the other agents like Jan and Jonathan were cool

    Shattered My Expectations

    Review about Management Team

    When applying I was asked how much I wanted to earn in the first thirty days. Management Team helped me earn 4× what I asked for in half the time. I'm excited to continue working with them in furthering my career.

    Joke of a Agency and his Wife runs it SMH

    Review about Silverback World Modeling Agency

    No agent license on file, revoked LLC since launch of his agency, and reps fan girls and ghetto talent clout chasers. Also, he plays games for talent who really want him to rep them and gets angry when he gets called out.

    Nothing. Absolutely nothing

    No license

    No LLC

    No Bond

    Lies about credentials

    No license number on his website

    Website looks hood As Fuck


    Review about Melt Models

    No thanks


    There’s more reputable agency’s out there. They don’t even know where their talents are based coming from a producer.

    Unrivaled Professionalism

    Review about Management Team

    Management Team is literally on an entirely different level than all of the other adult talent representation companies.

    I'm not saying that ALL of the other talent agencies & management companies are wholly bad (although most of them are pretty shady), but the other companies simply don't have the background, the passion, the connections or the expertise of Management Team. Trust me, I did my research before signing with them... LOTS of it!

    Management Team was birthed, 15 years ago, out of a mainstream talent management Company for Hollywood screen actors & fashion models. None of the other porn talent companies have this background... they're just porn guys. There's nothing inherently wrong with being "just a porn guy", but the background in the legit Hollywood motion picture industry definitely gives Management Team the edge.

    The increased level of professionalism is evident in every aspect of the Company. Trust me. If you want PROFESSIONALS handling your career in the adult film industry, sign with Management Team. You won't regret it!

    Website needs work but good for some

    Review about Sexy Jobs

    Hi, I've gotten some small sidejobs on SJ before. And they claim to offer even more mainstream work. But porn companies contact you no matter what your profile says. (redoing my review because I dont think it posted). That would be okay. But when you say no, they become angry and insulting. I think SJ could remedy a lot of this by having a rule and posting it widely to remind people to be respectful and to read the person's profile before contacting them.

    some mainstream work, side jobs

    Angry and abusive people sometimes contact you. Perhaps easily solved by making the profiles easier to read and having rules about respect in their community. I knew lots of porn stars in S Florida . And I'd hate to think of people talking to them like that.

    Exposed Models LA is a professional "casting company."

    Review about Exposed Models LA

    They are a legitimate small casting company. I worked for them for over 2 years until I got married. They work with the best adult studios in the industry. They always sent me to work with established and professional studios. Never did I experience any awkward moments with any of the companies i worked for thru them. The best part was that they never touched or much less withhold any money from me. I always got paid directly by the studios on the same day I worked for them.

    Always worked with professional studios in a safe environment. They never pushed me to take on jobs I didn't want.

    my experience using

    Review about Sexy Jobs

    We have been hiring phone PSO's for over 24 years. We are a legitimate company and I take offence to those who say Sexy jobs does not have legit employers. We are a legal US based Corp! We are licensed and insured. We have a good reputation and we pay our ladies well and treat them with respect. As do many of the other employers on Sexy Jobs. They really do try to look out for fraud as well. Most people are descent and honest but just like any job site, sometimes there are bad eggs. We had a jobseeker who tried to commit fraud against our company. We quickly reported this to Sexy jobs and uploaded the proof of what this person tried to pull on us. They immediately removed the jobseeker off their site. They do NOT allow anything to do with illegal activity such as Escorts ECT. They are a great resource for hiring and I can personally tell you 90 percent of the ladies we staff came from our AD on OH and YES, they are ALL real people! Just like any job site, one needs to do their own due diligence. We do over the phone interviews with each applicant. You must do this on both ends. Sexy jobs is not an agency so not sure why they were put on here but I wanted to put in our two cents because what others are saying is not accurate. Thank you.
    R.L, Supervisor Lip Serve INC

    Out of all the job sites this one has been the best by far for us. We've been on there since 2004!! If you want to get your monies worth for a job post, this is your best bet!


    Review about Foxxx Modeling

    I spent one month waiting to shoot anything because the agent Chris didn’t bother to set up any work before I got there.
    One month of paying rent! Agent likes girl drama and will not support you. My first shoot I ended up shooting in a disgusting house with a webcam and not studios like he said. Agent took 50% cut and then asked for rent. A PIMP!

    Good party invites

    Scamming pimp, does not care about progression for models, does not value the girls, loves drama

    A Cut Above the Rest

    Review about Management Team

    Soooo happy I chose Management Team to help launch my career in the adult industry.

    As a new porn model, you definitely don't want to work with just any "producer" with a camera. Management Team has 14 years of experience vetting out all of the so-called producers, directors, photographers, etc. in the industry, so they know who to book you with, and who you should keep your distance from. I've already done 23 movies under their management, and that with only the most professional producers in the porn industry.

    I've learned that most other agencies & talent companies in the industry are a little shady. The other companies send you off to less-than-professional producers & even LITERALLY pimp their girls out, off camera (they call it "escorting"... I call it turning tricks, and not what I signed up for!).

    Thankfully, a good, reputable talent management Company is available for aspiring pornstars. That Company is Management Team.

    Great entry agency

    Review about Foxxx Modeling

    I’ve been with Chris since July 2019
    I’ve got done great bookings! The industry is not the easiest but it’s a job and you have to work hard. Chris got me in the door and I’ve been walking through ever since! Start your porn life with Chris and explore the experience. The girls I’ve noticed that have failed while with Chris usually had one or more of these...
    Baby daddy//boyfriend
    Wont chair air
    Excessive tattoos and piercings that don’t compliment you

    Understand Chris can do what he can do for you in this industry. He can send your pictures out to companies as is his job. The rest is your look and how you preform. Also how you present yourself on social media and in person.

    Not everything is on your agent

    You can message me anywhere - Aria Carson - I’ll tell you the same thing I wrote here.

    Work hard and it’s okay to make changes to yourself in the industry. Minor or major it’s your body!

    Honest agent
    Long term agent (has experience)

    Good agency, legit good paying work, no bad experiences.

    Review about Foxxx Modeling

    I've been with them for some time now and all of my shoots have been very professional, I make good money and haven't been underpaid. I haven't had any bad experiences yet- there's two different agents working for foxxx currently and I prefer Matt with foxxx over Chris by far but both of them are good agents.

    Waste of Money

    Review about Sexy Jobs

    This is a real joke. I think most of the males are on the site hoping to hook up with one of the fake female porn stars. There is no fee for the talent to sign up so there isn't any validation process. I would not waste my time or money. The male models RARELY respond. If they are seriously interested in work and if INFONET validated the job seekers it might be worth 9.95 a month. And by the way - toward the end when you are going to cancel - you start getting emails - its all fake.

    None - I have not been able to hire one person from this site and most are fakes.

    NO verification on talent; no charges for the talent to sign up causing it to be a fraud against the employer.

    Legit Talent Agency - Great Talent

    Review about Brill Babes

    I'm fairly new in the world of creating adult content and I had a vision I wanted to see through. BrillBabes helped me do that while other agencies couldn't be bothered to respond to my inquiries. It could have something to do with me being based in the States, but whatever. Keep in mind that they're based in Budapest. Eszter is great at setting up shoots and can help you get a camera guy and makeup artist if you need the extra help. Their website requires you to register in order to view their talent. Worth giving them a go.

    Very professional models, booking agent and crew. Budapest is a beautiful city if you don't mind traveling.

    If I Have to Explain to You Why

    Review about Exposed Models LA not legit, then you honestly have no business trying to get into our industry.

    This is not a real porn agency... duh! Their wacky half-ass free Wix site kind of "exposes" that.

    Their Professionalism Can't Be Beat

    Review about Management Team

    Before I started doing porn movies, I put a TON of research into the best way to start my porn career. I looked into all of the porn talent agencies & talent managers. I feel like I'm taking this more seriously than a lot of girls that get into the industry, so I wanted to be 100% sure that I was making the right moves, right from the start.

    The level of professionalism at Management Team is simply light-years ahead of the other agencies in the industry. From the way they handle you, as a new applicant, to their on-boarding process, to their methods of promoting you to the shot-callers of the biggest porn production companies... nobody else comes close.

    As I dove into the differences between Management Team and all the other options available, I learned that most of the other agencies are just glorified pimps. The other agencies literally have their porn models turning tricks in hotel rooms! Fuckin' gross!!

    I also learned part of the reason why Management Team is on such a higher level is their background... twenty years ago, when their parent Company opened, they weren't even IN the porn industry. Back then, they professionally-managed Hollywood screen actors & fashion models. So when they DID finally enter the adult film business 13 years ago, they carried that same level of high-end mainstream talent management into the adult film industry.

    Attention New Girls: If you're looking to sell your pussy to anyone with money, then you should just throw up an ad on an escort site or contact your local neighborhood pimp. If you, on the other hand, want to begin your porn career under EXTREMELY professional talent management, and have the best representation available, then sign-on exclusively with Management Team.

    As far as the other agencies in the industry are concerned, there's really no logical reason to even consider them... unless you - for some strange reason - enjoy settling for second-best. Your local pimp or escort site will be better at pimping, and Management Team is definitely better at adult film model talent management.

    Forget the rest. Sign with the best.

    And the best is Management Team.

    619 Modeling is THE BEST!

    Review about 619 Modeling in San Diego

    Applied online, and was signed to the agency within a week.

    I got booked right away for both mainstream & adult projects.

    I've been able to move out of my parents house, and I now have my own $2,000 / month apartment in Mission Valley, a car, and the lifestyle of my dreams thanks to my hard work & the connections & help provided by!

    So thankful to be on the 619 Modeling squad!

    Review about 619 Modeling in San Diego

    A 619 Modeling talent scout noticed me in the gaslamp district when I was with my mom. Although I was nervous, I went ahead and applied. I'm soooo glad that I did!

    So far, I've shot for Boutine & Chooks in L.A., as well as several other So-Cal swimwear designers. 619 Modeling has also booked me for a couple parts in actual Hollywood movies. So fun!

    Nobody else in San Diego has the connections that these guys do.

    Biggest pos website. Don't waste a dime!

    Review about Sexy Jobs

    99% fake girls on there. When you go online the same girls are online 24 hours a day/7days a week? How's that? The rest of the girls MIGHT reply with a where you located, then reply once you let your membership expire, so you will rejoin to read messages, then they, ONCE AGAIN don't reply.


    Joke, the owner needs a visit.


    Review about Cam Queenz

    brad from camqueenz has no license to be an agent. no license to take a 10% booking fee. he books girls for escort gigs and places them in unsafe situations. this agency is NOT legit. brad is a RAPIST.