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    Not great

    I was approached and aaked if I'd be interested in signing eith this agency. I immediately loved what they did, what they were about, how they ran things, and shares with then how hesitant I was to join an agency because they're all shady as hell. So i signed. They set up two photoshopts to get more content for the website and then ghosted me entirely. The owner was in a busy season so I understood, but I couldn't reach ANYONE. Then out of nowhere, the owner tells me they're "downsizing the roster" and can no longer represent me WHILE they're adding new girls to the roster. Very upsetting. I was looking forward to being a part of Coxxx Models.


    worst company ever, sends girl to directors that rape the girl. Refuses to help them makes it the girl fault. DO NOT WORK WITH THEM!

    allows rape and abuse in there company.

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