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Sexy Jobs Reviews

    BEWARE; so many FAKE Producers

    So far I just had interactions with pimps attempting to find girls to escort, and creeps parading as producers to scam photos from people on this site. Please be careful and look into everything, very unsafe site. Also you text apps to give out your actual number!!! If I could give ZERO stars I would. This site seems unmanaged and definitely an Craigslist type of escort page.


    Everything about this site and the fraudulent producers, sites etc. BE SAFE EVERYONE


    Too much false about this site. All bout the money....

    This website is a 100% scam

    I paid $40 to lose $1,800 dealing with a scam artist on this site named spicy supposedly from Greensboro NC this person is a scammer ...Sexy job was brought to my attention by another person in the industry which big up this site as it was The leader of adult entertainment.
    Finders ... It definitely does not live up to the hype. This spicy person was a con artist amongst others on this site. So basically I went through several individuals that posted on this site stating that they were professionals. Turns out it's a whole sham scam artists. I have screenshots of all conversations between me and the individuals. Not one of them are sincere. At least the ones I dealt with sexy jobs makes it like it's up to you to weed out everybody which they don't do. But they sure want to take that $40 from you every month. This site needs to have oversight or some kind of overhaul to really weed out the scam artists because apparently sexy jobs does not care



    No return response from models

    I was willing to pay 1000$$ in compensation per shoot for my legit production company.
    Only Kinzy Jo was legit

    No return response from models SMH


    To be totally honest, so far nothing but scams,.
    The cam jobs with apps etc seem to be legit. The rest so far have been nothing but scams so far.
    If you get approached by a guy Named Keith from LA claiming to be a legit producer, with the phone number of +1 323-875-0649 and says he does interracial gb milf movies.. MAJOR SCAM GUY.
    Got us to pay for stuff and gone..
    So be warned..

    Cam jobs seem legit.

    Rest seem to be scams so far.

    Convinced most are Fake

    Literally applied to so many job postings and very few get back and if they do they end up ghosting you . At this point I doubt the site or any of the postings are actually legit. Was supposed to talk to this so-called producer Diego who claimed he was urgently filling spots and never reached out to call after our initial email. Same with several other companies . Pretty much just gonna delete my account at this point . It’s really not even worth it. Most the so-called job ads don’t even have legit websites where you can go view their content or even ensure you’re not meeting up with some creep.

    You can view job postings
    It is free

    Virtually no communication if you do reach out to companies
    No legitimate work it seems

    Stay away from SJ, it is a scam

    I was on there for ten years and had many problems. Most job sites are phony, many masqueraded as a secret date site, most men trying to con you into cheap escorting, really have a better chance scribbling your name on a bathroom wall.
    Management sucks, lots of predators on there, young girls, beware,


    It was good years ago but now it’s a platform for pimps and prostitution.

    They Just Disappear

    I am beyond livid. These people just don't ever respond, even individuals. The companies will jump into your DMs and then once you are interested, they disappear. Every. Time. And the ones that don't are pimps. I'm ready to delete my account this is laughable as a way to find real work.

    I like that I can see employers and what they want, what they will pay for and that I can contact them without having to pay a fee.

    I have met soooo many disappearing acts, pimps and actual felons on here. The ones that do respond want it for free.

    Lame site

    I'm a model and have been on the site a few years and rarely get any REAL gigs. Lots of creeps too


    No good jobs. Creeps messaging you


    Never get a call back when there's an issue bout money they take...

    Waste of Money

    This is a real joke. I think most of the males are on the site hoping to hook up with one of the fake female porn stars. There is no fee for the talent to sign up so there isn't any validation process. I would not waste my time or money. The male models RARELY respond. If they are seriously interested in work and if INFONET validated the job seekers it might be worth 9.95 a month. And by the way - toward the end when you are going to cancel - you start getting emails - its all fake.

    None - I have not been able to hire one person from this site and most are fakes.

    NO verification on talent; no charges for the talent to sign up causing it to be a fraud against the employer.

    Biggest pos website. Don't waste a dime!

    99% fake girls on there. When you go online the same girls are online 24 hours a day/7days a week? How's that? The rest of the girls MIGHT reply with a where you located, then reply once you let your membership expire, so you will rejoin to read messages, then they, ONCE AGAIN don't reply.


    Joke, the owner needs a visit.

    Definitely Not The Best Way to Go

    Sexy Jobs is not a talent agency or talent management Company, so I'm not even sure why they're listed here.

    It's a site that allows anyone (and I mean anyone) to sign up claiming to be a porn producer, porn agent, etc., so long as they're willing to pay a small monthly fee. Therefore, it's kind of hit or miss. It's a lot like Craigslist, only the government hasn't yet shut it down, and it's only for adult industry gigs. But again, it's hit or miss (and - most of the time) it's gonna be a miss. IMO, as a new model, you would be better off checking reviews of the different agencies here on this website, and signing up with whichever one you vibe with.

    Free for talent to sign up

    You get what you pay for

    Mostly Fake Jobseeker Profiles

    We are an independent video production company and, as of 4.2.24 just spent a solid a month on SexyJobs sending out over 300 emails. It is clear that most of the profiles there are indeed fake as the response rate was less than five percent. Furthermore, many of the emails we sent out still remain unread, even when the system indicates the jobseeker has logged in multiple times since we sent the email. Why would a legit jobseeker log on to the site and then not read their emails? This would defeat the entire purpose of both being on the site and continuing to log on. Now, we did find a few legit jobseekers, but they those were few and far between. Most of SexyJobs is a complete scam so best find somewhere else to spend you time, and money.

    Has a nice design and UI.

    Most of the "resumes" are fake.

    Was legit when I used it

    Back in 2019 this website was lowkey the shit. I ended up needed to make some quick money and got 2 legit jobs from this website and one of them came with an agent that only wanted a small percentage but me being me I just went back to 9 to 5, kinds sad though, I got a legit job with dude and probably could have kept getting them. Money was so nice

    Fast money, legit jobs

    You have to do a lot of screening to make sure the job is real.

    Website needs work but good for some

    Hi, I've gotten some small sidejobs on SJ before. And they claim to offer even more mainstream work. But porn companies contact you no matter what your profile says. (redoing my review because I dont think it posted). That would be okay. But when you say no, they become angry and insulting. I think SJ could remedy a lot of this by having a rule and posting it widely to remind people to be respectful and to read the person's profile before contacting them.

    some mainstream work, side jobs

    Angry and abusive people sometimes contact you. Perhaps easily solved by making the profiles easier to read and having rules about respect in their community. I knew lots of porn stars in S Florida . And I'd hate to think of people talking to them like that.

    my experience using

    We have been hiring phone PSO's for over 24 years. We are a legitimate company and I take offence to those who say Sexy jobs does not have legit employers. We are a legal US based Corp! We are licensed and insured. We have a good reputation and we pay our ladies well and treat them with respect. As do many of the other employers on Sexy Jobs. They really do try to look out for fraud as well. Most people are descent and honest but just like any job site, sometimes there are bad eggs. We had a jobseeker who tried to commit fraud against our company. We quickly reported this to Sexy jobs and uploaded the proof of what this person tried to pull on us. They immediately removed the jobseeker off their site. They do NOT allow anything to do with illegal activity such as Escorts ECT. They are a great resource for hiring and I can personally tell you 90 percent of the ladies we staff came from our AD on OH and YES, they are ALL real people! Just like any job site, one needs to do their own due diligence. We do over the phone interviews with each applicant. You must do this on both ends. Sexy jobs is not an agency so not sure why they were put on here but I wanted to put in our two cents because what others are saying is not accurate. Thank you.
    R.L, Supervisor Lip Serve INC

    Out of all the job sites this one has been the best by far for us. We've been on there since 2004!! If you want to get your monies worth for a job post, this is your best bet!

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