Waste of Money

This is a real joke. I think most of the males are on the site hoping to hook up with one of the fake female porn stars. There is no fee for the talent to sign up so there isn't any validation process. I would not waste my time or money. The male models RARELY respond. If they are seriously interested in work and if INFONET validated the job seekers it might be worth 9.95 a month. And by the way - toward the end when you are going to cancel - you start getting emails - its all fake.

None - I have not been able to hire one person from this site and most are fakes.

NO verification on talent; no charges for the talent to sign up causing it to be a fraud against the employer.

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Sorry to hear that man. Ive been using sexyjobs for a few months now and its already changing my life. Im getting legit gigs from professional companies

I'm betting "john" is a fake profile. Sexyjobs/infonet is owned by a guy named Scott Grusky. Lives in a mansion in L.A. you can find him easily just Google and get your money back

Well I'm seeking a webcam job and I keep getting offered everything but that

I agree with this review. The majority of the accounts are inactive, and their customer service is terrible. I think one star is generous.

Sexy jobs should be Scam jobs. Mostly webcam work. Other stuff is some weasel trying to get into the models pants.
Avoid this site,

To be fair yeah sexy jobs is absolute crap . But you only higher a specific type of guy , country “hood/ street” so that also could’ve been an issue . I personally had applied and I’m sure I wasn’t chosen because I was not the niche of guy (skin color) preferred

Visit Sexy Jobs Reviews about Sexy Jobs

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