Located in the sunny state of California, 101 Agency is one of the busiest and popular adult model agencies in the country. Due to its success, tens of young and promising adult models are walking in the steps of the agency’s headquarters in hope of becoming a success in the adult industry. With over 70 years of experience in the business, this agency can be your ticket to a successful adult model career. Do you want to become a future talent? Then if you’re over 18, the process is as simple as it can get. Include a couple of pictures of yourself (they don’t have to be professional) and a copy of your photo ID (Passport, State ID cards, etc). Many superstars in the adult industry have been promoted and represented by 101 Agency. To name a few big shots, Kagney Linn Karter, Sarah Jay, and Rachel Star are just a few names represent by the Californian agency. To prove their success, 101 Agency has recently opened its new shooting location in Chatworth. Not only that the new studio dispose of multiple sets for shooting, but it also comes with a cyclorama wall for you to add creative backgrounds to your shootings. Booking in this new location costs $600 for 12 hours of production per day. If you don’t have the budget, or simply don’t need to cover 12 hours of the with filming, then shootings at the old location, at Woodland Hills, costs $100 per 4 hr. For more information on contacts, visit their website.

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    Worst agency!!!!

    They take advantage of new girls and send us to to sketchy shoots where the producers aren’t even real. Then when they prostitute you out without your permission and you call them out with proof they don’t want to let you out of your contract. Disgusting!!!!

    They drive you to shoot

    Send you to fake producers.

    Hateful, Homophobic Bigots

    I spoke with Robert at 101 Modeling. I am a bisexual man. Robert told me on the phone that if I was to do gay porn that he would blacklist me from ever working with any of his female models. This is 2018, dude! Thankfully, I found another agency (ThePornAgency.com) that is non-discriminatory and I've had a ton of success working with them for the past several months.

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