Not For Me

I hear a lot of tales of exploitation of new people in this industry just starting out, just heard about the bait & switch scam 101 is doing to dunk on their own talents (lmao, no wonder my jobs have dried up as soon as I signed up with 101! They botched my photos too)...but what if they -couldn't- book me jobs? I think 101 Modeling is more for skinny white girls, because two of the girls I was in the model house with have rocketed to fame within a month. And they were brand new too.

So yeah, if you want to work with them, be a skinny white girl. I would give them zero stars if I could, because I mean, they wasted my time, sure, but ALSO they wasted -their- time too. T0T

101 needs serious talent management skills going forward and they need to learn to take feedback seriously. I don't think they are nefariously bad & seedy, like the other reviewer implies (I mean - THEY'RE LEGIT and THEY PAY FOR RIDES)...I think they might simply not know what they are doing.
An agency only needs to "welcome all looks", if you can ACTUALLY BOOK JOBS that call for "all looks". It's OKAY for an agency to only need skinny white girls, because that is whom you have the jobs for.
I feel like they waste too much time trying to sign just -anyone- and would benefit from only hiring people whom they can hire.

Paid for rides
Clear contract
They're legit

They won't listen to model feedback
They sign people they can't actually hire
I had to book most of my jobs myself

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