Their Professionalism Can't Be Beat

Their Professionalism Can't Be Beat

Before I started doing porn movies, I put a TON of research into the best way to start my porn career. I looked into all of the porn talent agencies & talent managers. I feel like I'm taking this more seriously than a lot of girls that get into the industry, so I wanted to be 100% sure that I was making the right moves, right from the start.

The level of professionalism at Management Team is simply light-years ahead of the other agencies in the industry. From the way they handle you, as a new applicant, to their on-boarding process, to their methods of promoting you to the shot-callers of the biggest porn production companies... nobody else comes close.

As I dove into the differences between Management Team and all the other options available, I learned that most of the other agencies are just glorified pimps. The other agencies literally have their porn models turning tricks in hotel rooms! Fuckin' gross!!

I also learned part of the reason why Management Team is on such a higher level is their background... twenty years ago, when their parent Company opened, they weren't even IN the porn industry. Back then, they professionally-managed Hollywood screen actors & fashion models. So when they DID finally enter the adult film business 13 years ago, they carried that same level of high-end mainstream talent management into the adult film industry.

Attention New Girls: If you're looking to sell your pussy to anyone with money, then you should just throw up an ad on an escort site or contact your local neighborhood pimp. If you, on the other hand, want to begin your porn career under EXTREMELY professional talent management, and have the best representation available, then sign-on exclusively with Management Team.

As far as the other agencies in the industry are concerned, there's really no logical reason to even consider them... unless you - for some strange reason - enjoy settling for second-best. Your local pimp or escort site will be better at pimping, and Management Team is definitely better at adult film model talent management.

Forget the rest. Sign with the best.

And the best is Management Team.

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