Best Decision of My Life

Best Decision of My Life

I started with Management Team when I got into the industry 3 years ago. I've never been happier with a decision that I've made, in my life. Other agencies might charge slightly lower commissions, but they'll also force you to get into "escorting" (prostitution), and book you with disreputable & unprofessional producers. Management Team is the ONLY talent Company in the industry that takes a strong stance against these unprofessional & even illegal activities, and respects it's models. All in all, you'll get more money & be more successful working with Management Team.

- Top talent Company in the industry - LEGIT bookings only - BLACKLISTS unprofessional producers - STRONG LEADERSHIP in the industry - stands alone against the pimps-in-agents'-clothing "agencies" that pimp their models out - Extremely knowledgeable & experienced (over 10 years in business) - Loving & caring staff

Slightly higher commissions

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