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Solid 5-Star Pornstar Talent Agency

I strongly recommend as the top talent agency for all aspiring pornstars. They've already booked me 24 scenes in just 3 months!! I have my own pornstar website that I get paid on (not the production companies), I've moved out of my parents house, and I'm loving life! Thanks! XOXO - Sherry H

The Only Porn Agency for Straight Males

All of the other agencies give straight males the cold shoulder. is the only agency out there that even gave me the time of day. I get it, this is definitely the most competitive industry in the world to enter (for a straight male), but there are some of us that are sold-out balls-to-the-wall serious about this, that are willing to do whatever it takes. gave me that shot, and I've already worked on camera with 17 females, after just a few months.