• Applied online, and was signed to the agency within a week. I got booked right away for both mainstream & adult projects. I've been able to move out of my parents house, and I now have my own $2,000 / month apartment in Mission Valley, a car, and the lifestyle of my dreams thanks to my hard work & the connections & help provided by 619Modeling.com!

    By Becky N on July 24, 2020 Reply
  • A 619 Modeling talent scout noticed me in the gaslamp district when I was with my mom. Although I was nervous, I went ahead and applied. I'm soooo glad that I did! So far, I've shot for Boutine & Chooks in L.A., as well as several other So-Cal swimwear designers. 619 Modeling has also booked me for a couple parts in actual Hollywood movies. So fun! Nobody else in San Diego has the connections that these guys do.

    By Susie J on July 6, 2020 Reply
  • I've come to realize that most girls that are new to porn don't know what they're doing. I wish I would've studied the companies more, because I had a lot of good companies reach out to me, and then I realized that the Company I went with (Foxxx Modeling) probably wasn't the best company. I've been with Foxxx for some time, and I've only shot for a few companies: New Girls L.A., Score Group and Backroom Casting Couch (where they send all their new girls). I wish I would've found AllModelAgencies.com BEFORE starting my career, but hindsight is 20/20 I guess. =( The manager at Foxxx Modeling is an asshole. He yells at the girls & sexually-harasses them, which I don't approve of. He doesn't respect the privacy of the girls that he works with. When I asked about getting out of my contract, he said I can "buy out". Professional porn agents are supposed to take professional photos of girls, for their websites, and he won't even do that for me. He's just using the camera-phone selfies that I sent in, when I made the mistake of applying. He refuses to take the pro photos. WTF is that? On top of that, he refuses to get me the proper work that I'm supposed to be getting for shoots. You're not supposed to do a lot of anal, at first, as a new girl in the industry. I didn't know that. It doesn't look good. Too late now. He's setting me up to fail, already. He verbally abuses his girls & sexually harasses them, which makes his contracts invalid. My friend's mom says there's always a way out of contracts, so I'm hoping I can do that, but he won't even give me a copy of my contract! Another agent recently reached out and wants to steal me from my current manager. Hope it happens soon.

    They'll might get you SOME work, if that's all you're looking for

    It will not be the kind of work that you SHOULD get You might be verbally-abused and/or sexually-harassed Definitely not A-level representation.

    By Madison H on June 2, 2020 Reply
  • I've been with One Management for 3 years now, and I absolutely love working with them. They book me for print modeling opportunities that I'm suitable for. I am honored to be on the same roster as some mega-celebrities including Cardi B, the Jonas Brothers and The Fat Jewish.

    By Whitney Jefferson on May 26, 2020 Reply
  • If you're a gay jock like myself, this might be the agency for you. They don't sign twinks, but there are other agencies out there that do. Ducati is good at what they do... reping jocks. They've been around a long time and the owners are well-respected in the industry.

    Great gay agency for jocks

    I have to refer my twink friends out to ThePornAgency.com

    By Spencer on May 24, 2020 Reply
  • Sexy Jobs is not a talent agency or talent management Company, so I'm not even sure why they're listed here. It's a site that allows anyone (and I mean anyone) to sign up claiming to be a porn producer, porn agent, etc., so long as they're willing to pay a small monthly fee. Therefore, it's kind of hit or miss. It's a lot like Craigslist, only the government hasn't yet shut it down, and it's only for adult industry gigs. But again, it's hit or miss (and - most of the time) it's gonna be a miss. IMO, as a new model, you would be better off checking reviews of the different agencies here on this website, and signing up with whichever one you vibe with.

    Free for talent to sign up

    You get what you pay for

    By Liza M on May 15, 2020 Reply
  • I've worked in the industry for over 20 years. I own several multi-million dollar porn websites and release fresh content on each of the sites, on a weekly basis. Of course I've always worked with all of the big porn agencies, and I still do, as needed, but ThePornAgency.com has been the VERY FIRST place I look for smokin'-hot brand-new talent for the past 13 years. Just this week, I had a need for a very specific type of model. I called Pete and explained exactly what I needed. And like a magician, he pulls a brand-new never-been-shot performer out of his 'hat' that meets the bill exactly... I'm talking within under an hour! Nobody else in the industry has that. Nobody else can pull that off. He cares about his girls more & takes care of them better than any other agent, and he provides the same level of care to his VIP producers. I'm glad to be one of them. ThePornAgency.com beats all of its competition in professionalism & performance by leaps & bounds. I vehemently recommend that all producers, directors, photographers and aspiring pornstars look FIRST to ThePornAgency.com for their needs.

    By Brian P on April 17, 2020 Reply
  • This agency is, in my opinion, one of the best British porn agencies. They are organized, professional, and haven't let me down yet. Quick to answer my phone calls & e-mails. No bullocks; just good business.

    By Qiana Rose on April 1, 2020 Reply
  • I'm very grateful to the Flis agency for helping me with my career. I had already worked in the adult industry for a year or so before singing on, but they've got me hired on for Boy/Girl, Boy/Girl/Girl and Girl/Girl shoots with good porn studios. Thanks so much, Flis!

    By Little Yumi on March 29, 2020 Reply
  • This agency hosts fake casting calls to recruit models. They post ads pretending to be a porn production company, with a casting call for a certain date & time. Once all the hopeful models are lined up in their office lobby, it's "surprise! there's no actual job... but we'd love for you to sign on to our agency!" Yeah... I think I'll pass and sign-on with a legit agency that doesn't need to resort to such recruiting "tactics" instead.

    By Bella H on March 29, 2020 Reply
  • My decision to sign on as a model with ThePornAgency.com was the best employment/career choice I've made in my life. ThePornAgency.com provides numerous money-earning options for new applicants. I signed up to become a pornstar, but due to the global crisis going on at the moment, they trained me as a professional work-from-home internet model for the time being. I'm 18 years old, on probation, averaging $73 / hour take-home pay (they pay weekly), working from home! Not that I should, but I even get to smoke WHILE I'm working FFS! ThePornAgency.com even has porn production companies flying me out to do high-paying professional porn movies. I'm so excited! It's a great experience. My rep is Pete. He's advanced me money, multiple times, when I had extra bills to pay or needed something at the house before payday. Very understanding, loving, and compassionate people. I LOVE ThePornAgency.com!!

    Simply the BEST talent management Company for aspiring pornstars & webcam models. No question about it.

    Not a Company for those that are NOT serious about getting serious money... they're pretty strict, and they don't mess around when it comes to getting money for the squad... and that includes their models!

    By Tessa B on March 28, 2020 Reply
  • A picture's worth a thousand words, right? https://i.imgur.com/3cdcFfn.png

    By Gia on March 22, 2020 Reply
  • Couldn't ask for a better Czech porn agency. I was scouted by Gregori while on vacation from Rio. I decided to try a movie while I was on vacation. One thing led to another, and I ended up living in Prague permanently. They have treated this Brazilian very well. Muito obrigada, The White Models!

    By Fredrica Buchech on March 19, 2020 Reply
  • The White Agency is a very professional agency in the Czech Republic. They speak English, Czech, Russian. I signed an exclusive agreement with them in 2017. Although I've since retired from doing movies, I definitely recommend them for models with at most 3 month experience in the industry.

    By Galina Nahzdarovhyeh on March 17, 2020 Reply
  • I'll just let the news speak for itself: Porn Actresses Accuse Powerful Industry Agent of Fraud, Sex Abuse https://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/porn-actresses-accuse-top-agent-of-fraud-sex-abuse/2087014/ Derek Hay Booked in L.A. County on Procuring Charges, Makes Bail https://www.xbiz.com/news/250723/derek-hay-booked-in-l-a-county-on-procuring-charges-makes-bail

    If you're looking to become a prostitute, then this is a pretty decent place to do it... At least it used to be, before the State of California finally took action on this guy.

    Bait-and-switch... sign-up to become a professional pornstar, end up becoming a "high-end" hooker (as opposed to a "low-end" hooker, working behind a dumpster in an alley... you might get to turn YOUR tricks in hotel rooms... you lucky girl, you!)

    By Nikki G on March 15, 2020 Reply
  • You really can't go wrong with Flis Agency. I got scouted by Robert while walking through the mall one day, about a year and a half ago. Naturally, I was very hesitant at first. I started out with the soft stuff, and then moved up to hardcore. They recently booked me for my first anal scene. I guess my boundaries aren't the only thing getting expanded around here! ;-)

    By Randi Everett on March 10, 2020 Reply
  • This is one of the great British porn model agencies. So far, I've experienced nothing but respect & professionalism working with this agency.

    Professional & respectful

    Nothing bad to say

    By Becky W on February 17, 2020 Reply
  • This UK-based adult modeling agency is definitely true to their name. The Company makes sure to always think of their models first. - What are my goals? - Am I safe & comfortable on set? - Am I getting continued work? I feel like this adult modeling agency always has this on the forefront of their mind.

    By Beverly A on December 28, 2019 Reply
  • Being an adult model can be challenging sometimes. Which agency is trustworthy and which one can you avoid? This is a question which every new adult model must ask themselves. Flis Adult Talent Agency is the agency where I started my adult modeling career and I am proud to say that I am a Flis professional. This talent agency is specialized in recruiting and contracting individuals for different modelling projects. From the start every new talented adult model gets enough guidance to have a good start within the organization. Via Flis I got several projects to work on and in the process of finding a new contract I get every support. I am a female porn model and got my first contract through intervention of this organization. From the beginning on this organization gave me additional traning, advice, acting classes and more to have a booming career path in the adult industry. The only thing that is expected from you is that you are willing to work in the adult industry, the willingness to commit yourself. Male or Female, Hetro, Bi- sexual or Gay, everyone who wants to work in the adult industry is welcome.

    Flis provides enough guidance, training and information to have a booming start within the adult Industry. Flis is a professional organization and is very good in finding the best contracts for its talented models.

    Working in the adult industry means that you as a model must be willing to get out of your clothes. If you don't like to be filmed or photographed naked or having sex with another person in front of a lot of people (filming the scene), than this is not the organization where I would advice you to start your career.

    By Lexsa on November 4, 2019 Reply
  • In the past I went to several agencies, who pretended to be the best talent agencies. In the beginning they all told me what I can expect and what opportunities they have for me. But on the long run there were moments where I had the feeling, that I am out of the picture or that the agency isn't noticing me. So this was the reason why I tried several Talent Agency, to develop my acting skills. This went on till I came in contact with a friend who told me about Choice Talent Agency. From the beginning I knew for my self, that this was the organization where I want to commit myself. The persons working at Choice Talent Agency are very professional and they give you every information you need. Besides this fact every talent within this organization gets enough guidance on resumes. Everytime I need some information on a new project or when I want to get in touch with my agency, I can call or send an e- mail. The response time is very quick which was not the case with the other talent agencies. So if you are talented, proactive and attentive, this is the organization where you can commit yourself. You wont't regret this choice.

    Choice Talent Agency is very professional, accurate and is the organization where starters but also professional actors can start their career. In the beginning, but also during a project you will get enough guidance and extra training to give you professional career an extra boost.

    I don't think that I experienced a situation, which I can classify as a 'cons" for Choice Talent Agency. Of-course there are situations where I thought "Oh this could be better" but by good communication, every dispute (small or big) can be avoided an or resolved.

    By James on November 4, 2019 Reply
  • Adult Talent Managers provides the best adult Male and Female talented actors for the Adult Film Industry. I am an producer of porn movies and every time I need an extra actor, I make use of the services of this agency. On their website you can see the existing models, the new and featured models. Mostly I scroll through the profiles of the models on their website and if I see an interesting model, I click on that profile to see the pictures. Every profile contains several pictures of such an model and extra information. The information gives you an indication of what these models are available for. Some or available for Anal, Group Sex, softcore, interracial and some are not. If I like the model I directly make a reservation. Every model on this site is very well trained, an expert in porn movies, and they know exactly what to do when making the movies. I am very fond of the models of this site and would recommend this site to every producer in the adult filming industry. Furthermore the management of this site is very professional and accurate and the prices are also realistic.

    The models are very talented, friendly and pro's in doing their job.

    The website doesn't contain information with regard to prices. You need to send a message to the agency to get more information.

    By Jane N. on October 11, 2019 Reply
  • Having a company that produces several new adult movies every month means that we are always in need of new adult talent. In every movie we want one or two new male/female actors and that can be a challenge sometimes. This is the reason why we often have to search for new talent on the internet. We mostly search for new models on websites of Adult Talent Agencies. This is how we came in contact with “Nexxxt Level Talent Agency”. “Waauwww!!” was the first thing that came into my mind, the first time I visited their website. The male and especially the female adult models on this site are very beautiful. I think that this company represents the best talented male and female models. When you meet the models in real life you will surely come to the conclusion, that they are the same as indicated on the website (even better in the movies). And besides being beautiful and talented, they all know exactly what is expected of them. They are all friendly and we always have a good atmosphere when the models are around for the making of a movie. The agency continuously trains the models to deliver the best quality and service. Professionalism and accuracy are therefore of paramount importance to the directors of this agency.

    The models of Next Level Talent Agency are not only super beautiful and sexy, but also professional, on time, creative and know exactly what is expected of them. From Boy/Boy/Girl, Boy/Girl/Girl, fisting, Anal, first time movies, they can have a role in every adult movie.

    By Jason H. on October 10, 2019 Reply
  • I've worked in the industry for nearly 10 years, so I've worked with my fair share of porn agencies over the years, but and I couldn't be happier with the Models First agency. They are local here in London, and they've been able to consistently get me hired on with all of the local companies for solo male shoots. Thanks so much to the team at Models First!

    By Jon S on September 13, 2018 Reply

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