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A Cut Above the Rest

Soooo happy I chose The Porn Agency ( to help launch my career in the adult industry. As a new porn model, you definitely don't want to work with just any "producer" with a camera. The Porn Agency has 14 years of experience vetting out all of the so-called producers, directors, photographers, etc. in the industry, so they know who to book you with, and who you should keep your distance from. I've already done 23 movies under their management, and that with only the most professional producers in the porn industry. I've learned that most other agencies & talent companies in the industry are a little shady. The other companies send you off to less-than-professional producers & even LITERALLY pimp their girls out, off camera (they call it "escorting"... I call it turning tricks, and not what I signed up for!). Thankfully, a good, reputable talent management Company is available for aspiring pornstars. That Company is