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I’ve been with Chris since July 2019 I’ve got done great bookings! The industry is not the easiest but it’s a job and you have to work hard. Chris got me in the door and I’ve been walking through ever since! Start your porn life with Chris and explore the experience. The girls I’ve noticed that have failed while with Chris usually had one or more of these... Drugs Kids Baby daddy//boyfriend Wont chair air Excessive tattoos and piercings that don’t compliment you Understand Chris can do what he can do for you in this industry. He can send your pictures out to companies as is his job. The rest is your look and how you preform. Also how you present yourself on social media and in person. Not everything is on your agent You can message me anywhere - Aria Carson - I’ll tell you the same thing I wrote here. Work hard and it’s okay to make changes to yourself in the industry. Minor or major it’s your body! Goodluck

Bookings Honest agent Long term agent (has experience)

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