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    Sexual Assault

    Christian “Chrispy” Alexander (Front Director/photographer) sexually assaulted me.

    This is my real name, and my real account.

    A few years ago I moved to Miami Beach to try to make it as a male model. I met Christian at a group dinner one night, where he said he really liked my look and wanted to get my Polaroids ASAP to send to an important client. He said he needed to get his camera at his house down the street and that I should come with him.

    I was very excited, as I was broke, living on a couch, and looking for a break. I had no reason not to trust him, since he was the director of an agency. When we got to his house he said the client wanted body pictures, so he needed me to get down to my boxers. This is also not too uncommon of a re

    wanted body pictures, so he needed me to get down to my boxers. This is also not too uncommon of a request at castings, so I didn’t question it.

    He then said that my boxers covered too much and that the client needed to see more, so Christian gave me a smaller pair of black briefs. But they were mesh, so they were a little see-through. At this point I was a little uncomfortable, but he was the head of an agency so he must know what he was doing.

    As he was taking pictures, he told me that my penis looked too small for the client, and that I should “do something about it.” He told me there were magazines in the drawer, and he left the room, telling me to arouse myself. At this point, alarm bells were starting to go off, but my inexperience, desperation to be discovered, and inherent trust of an agency director, made me think “well I guess it makes sense that a client would want someone to appear well endowed.”

    When Christian walked back in, he started taking pictures again, and said that the underwear needed adjusting. Without asking he began adjusting my underwear. Then, without asking, he began groping and adjusting my penis and testicles. It was only at this point, that I found the courage to ask him to stop.

    Christian ghosted me after that, even though I continue to follow up about the alleged client and potentially being signed to Front. I later heard that he also took advantage of one of my other buddies, in a worse way than me.

    In hindsight, it’s easy to judge my behavior as reckless or irresponsible. But it’s not that easy in the moment when someone in power, that you trust, is directing you in a business you’re not familiar with. It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female. It doesn’t matter if you’re physically stronger than the perpetrator. Abuse of power and sexual assault can happen to anyone.

    I since signed with Ford, then left modeling to obtain an MBA, then a Masters from Harvard. I’m now a professor, author, and a consultant. I have little to gain by writing this, but I want to warn others about Christian, and to encourage others to speak up before, during, and/or after being assaulted.

    Logan Thompson

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