Good agency got me a webcaming contract

Good agency got me a webcaming contract

My name is Kara Stone I have been a dancer for 4 years and then covid hit and I was considering doing videos to make more money. My friend told me about Tee Real's agency Ideal Image Models. He told me he had been a performer and could get me work. He was able to get me some shoots and after a few I decided that performing wasnt for me and instead of just droping me from the agency he helped me get signed to a webcaming company that actally paid me. I made about 6 thousand last month to just work for them. He and Jonathan helped save me when covid hit and I appreact that. He and the other agents have been honest and helped when I needed it. Im not going to do this much longer but I did a lot of research and Ideal really helped me alot. I recomend them because they were honest didn't give up on me and had other jobs beside porn to offer which was cool.

Open honest I made good money. Wasn't Creepy

Sometimes hard to reach Tee but the other agents like Jan and Jonathan were cool

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