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Last updated: 4 augustus 2018
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Skyn Talent

Skyn Talent - Adult Talent Model Agency

Skyn Adult Talent Agency promotes and guides talent in developing your brand with honesty and integrity, financial planning and day to day management.

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Skyn Talent - Skyn Talent - Gregg


He's a nice and respectful man, but a terrible agent who doesn't get work for most of his talent.

Nice. You can terminate your contract whenever, as long as you are not in debt to the agency. He will spend mine on things like photoshoots for you if you are unable to update your portfolio yourself - he WANTS you to succeed. But he doesn't have the talent or agency skills to get you to succeed.

Books sneaky escort sessions. Doesn't always have the important or most up to date info about shoots. Books very little shoots for the models in his roster.

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