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    Scam Site Run by the Biggest Scammer in the Industry

    BeAPornStar.Info is run by "Kelli Roberts" (not a real person), an imaginary persona created by porn PERFORMER (not porn "star", by any means, as she self-proclaims) Alana Evans (legal name Dawn Dangaard) date of birth 07/06/1976.

    We would call Dawn a "has been", but that would be giving her too much credit. She really was never a big porn "star" as she claims. She did some movies during the golden age of porn, decades ago, during the DVD era. Nowadays, she's a washed up 50-year-old skank whore that has somehow managed to con the establishment of the porn industry into making her some sort of "authority" for the industry. In reality, she has no "authority" or "power" besides defaming people and runing her botox-injected pie whole. Dawn/Alana makes her living by scamming unsuspecting APAG "union members" for dues, and by actively assisting with the "Luxury Companion" sex trafficking ring*.

    and also is Alana's way of generating traffic for her various scams. Avoid it, and her, at all cost. She is no genuine authority in the porn industry. She is nothing more than an old, washed-up, stanky-pussy (from what I hear) porn whore.


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